Friday, May 13, 2016

We are called to use all the gifts of the Holy Spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is Paula our teacher of Spanish language....she was with us for two weeks. A wonderful young teacher.....knows very simple techniques of teaching....a way we could understand follow....she is a research student of languages......speaks many languages ..........we all went out for lunch with her.....
 These are students with me.....International group......Thailand, Beirut and swiss......two are not present....we are beginners.....

 The feast of Pentecost will be celebrated on 15th of May, 2016 with lots of celebrations and prayer services conducted by the parishes and charismatic groups. This is to thank the Lord for the greatest gift of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit. We all believe in the gifts that He brought or poured upon us on the day of Pentecost. These gifts of the Holy Spirit does fill and make us spirited and source of strength for ourselves and for the others. These gifts will brighten and enhance our spiritual lives and allow us to be instrument of Him in the society, Church and our own religious fraternities.


 I remember having preached a retreat to young novices preparing themselves for their first commitment. One of the novices asked me as to how he would make use of those gifts of the Holy Spirit as a young religious. I did suggest some ways and means to him. Later after five years I got to know that he had discontinued his religious life for the reasons that he could not use those gifts of which he was aware and would thank the Lord for the gifts. He tried his best to use them but he did not succeed. Today he is a charismatic preacher and well accepted and known, lives a very simple and humble life. When I met him he said that he still uses those means and methods I suggested to him to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I asked him that he should be aware that those gifts are God-given and he does not even merit them. He has received them with an obligation of using them for others to make known the Lord and His love for entire humanity.

 I think we all have to be aware and conscious that it is God who works in us through His various gifts like wisdom, faith, discernment, teaching, service, mercy and encouragement. We have to use them all. We know so many friars or friends who are so well gifted by the Lord and yet they are never happy because they have not used those beautiful gifts of the Lord. In my opinion when use the gifts for the others it brings in a lot of joy, happiness and contentment. We have golden opportunities with these gifts to serve our communities and people who don’t belong to our race, community, color, and religion. The greatest challenge to all of us is to use those gifts for the betterment of our world in which we live, to make it a better place to live for all

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