Monday, May 9, 2016

Need of a good spiritual teacher!!!!!!!!!!!

 I remember one of my teachers in the High school, who used to say that a good teacher is born and made in the course of life. He would speak of two types of teachers, one who imparts knowledge and the other dispels all ignorance and darkness. The teacher has knowledge which is given and gifted to him by the Creator. The teacher teaches more by his life, words, deeds, actions and examples. The teacher has every body in mind when he teaches, he makes them to seek, meditate, learn and then reflect over. The teachings makes the students to go deeper into the divine and human life. The intention of a teacher is the benefit and over all growth of the student’s inner and outer life. He brings out the best out of a student through the experience and knowledge that the teacher has received from the GIVER. The teacher uses love and compassion, understanding and forgiveness towards the students to make them what they are meant to be.

 The teacher updates every now and then to be abreast with the changing society and world. The teacher does everything to keep himself informed of the Holy Scripture so that he can exactly touch the heart and mind of the student. When they are equipped with the divine wisdom, the word goes around….the disciples or students come to him seeking the spiritual knowledge……It is happening in our Churches, monasteries and retreat centres….we can find such teachers who have been blessed by the Lord to impart the divine knowledge. The students who come to the teacher are ignorant of many things and so the need of a good spiritual teacher is a must. The students who seek the Lord should open to the teacher and he will show him the way.

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