Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Inauguration and Key Note Address by the General Minister

The Friars on the Paths of Europe and the World
Ø  The morning began with the prayer by Br. Vicar General
Ø  Br. General Minister welcomed all the participants.
·      Quoted the Holy Father who asked us to look at the past because each one has the past. To live the present with passion.
·      To become experts of the communion by living the present with passion
·      In Europe we can find solutions which are practical by living our present
·      The capacity to search for the paths
·      We need to have hopes without fear, where there are religious there is joy
·      To open new presences of the brothers as new ways….to assume responsibility for our presence in Europe
·      We need the availability of friars for the new ways and paths we will propose to Europe
·      Pope said recently to our General Minister who asked for a message for the Meeting in Fatima he said that tell the Provincials to serve and keep the spirit of Minority
 Friars getting settled down in the Hall.....this is the Friary of the Capuchins which is known as the Bible Centre......

 The General Minister delivering the Key Note address
 Friars listening to the Key Note address

Br. Adrian, the president of CENOC is speaking on behalf of the conference. presented a clear picture of the conference, less vocations and more deaths, secularization and moral degradation, sexual scandals has damaged the nature of the Church.
some of the negative areas which are prevalent in the conference are like Individualism, stress in friars overworked, sexual abuse, growing age gap, lack of peer support, abuse of money

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