Saturday, December 6, 2014

From Fatima to Rome

The airport of Lisboa was invaded by the Capuchins. Yesterday after the Mass and breakfast around 40 of us left for the airport. Many of us travelled in the same flight. Many of our Italian Provincials were in capuchin habit and one could see at the airport everyone admiring and whispering about the capuchins. What a great moment! We felt like we are in the days of St. Francis and his early companions going around for evangelisation. The need in secularized world is that of witness. We discussed it for three days and we are already in the process. The society is hungry for authentic and genuine living out of the Charism and Gosepl way of Life. And we as sons of St. Francis of Assisi are the best one to do so.....
The flight was on time and so we reached to Rome on time. It was very cold in Fatima but here in Rome it is not so.....we are waiting for that biting cold and chill....hope to have it for Christmas.
Some of the Councilors left from Fatima for their respective areas for visits and chapters. Some of us returned to the Curia and we too will leave this week too.
Let us hope that the light of Fatima may burn strongly and guinely among us. May all our aspirations and desires to give a strong witness to Capuchin way of life be realised.

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