Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Third Session - Discussion on the reports of the European Presidents

Holy Father Pope Francis : Joy, communion and Fraternity
·      The reduction of numbers of friars does not invite to the unification of the Provinces
·      The present problem is a positive prospective for opening up ourselves a new way
·      Many appreciated the sharing of the presidents
·      Many hopeful that there will be vocations.
·      The provincialism is very strong
·      All of us are responsible for the entire order
·      What comes out from this meeting it would be shared with the entire Order
 we are here for a solution and change......we are young and we can make it happen because we belong to a great tradition
who says that Capuchins are not growing...we are...
 wow what a point made......we hope that we find some ways and paths....
 There you go brother.....vicar animating the discussion
 Roberto making a point after Jure made a strong point
we are here to help you brothers.....
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