Tuesday, December 23, 2014

He Comes, Comes Ever Comes

These days instead of good news, we hear…
  • Forced reconversions from 
    Islam and 
    Christianity to Hinduism in India...

  • massacre  of  innocent  children  in  Peshawar, Pakistan…  
  • people  held  in  hostage  in Sydney
    , Australia

  • Violence against women in 
     part of the globe…

  • butchering Christians in Iraq and Syria… 
  • belligerent hate-talk of reconversion in Aligarh, India…
  • It looks to be barbaric to have celebrations with fun and laughter while our brothers and sisters are living in agony and death. Can we call it a Black Christmas?
The First Christmas 2000 years ago was not a Happy one either. It was in a darkened and complicated world where the Little Baby Jesus was born helpless, humble, and poor, on the periphery of Bethlehem and grew as migrant and refugee. 

Francis of Assisi Celebrated the birth of this Humiliated Jesus who yet lived with Compassion mingled with prophetism and contributed to the change of hearts and social ethos. But the establishments and institutions continued their style of living ignoring what was actually happening around. They believed in money, power and in their structures.  

Today the same Jesus passes by in our lives, but we are so caught up in our ‘insignificant’ institutions, deeply occupied with our worldliness along with meaningless positions, that we do not even notice his coming. 

He Comes, Comes Ever Comes!
Have you not heard His gentle steps?

May His Coming radicalise and revolutionise our Consecrated life 
and lead us for a meaningful life starting with the New Year 2015!

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