Friday, December 19, 2014

The challenges of Leadership today

Today any leader without leadership qualities, mission and vision cannot animate the Organization or a Province in a religious Order. The times and situations have changed rapidly and have a negative impact and effect on our religious life. Today the religious obedience and submission is at stake. Each one seems to be having his or her own vision and mission and that of the Order or congregation is pushed to the corner. There are many unfortunate things that have affected our fraternal bond very much. Many don't give importance to dialogue and listening as the secular values are fast becoming a cup of tea of every one. Very many few buy the serious animation of the leaders who are trying their best to drive home a solid  message of commitment. According to me the following are few challenges which a leader needs to look into or work on for a smooth relationship.

1. A Fraternal dialogue: A leader must promote and encourage a fraternal dialogue among the members of the province and fraternity. There cannot be a solution if there is no real and genuine dialogue on various issues that roughens our fraternal bond.

2. Animation with a desire to be faithful to charism: The religious today seems to be going away from the charism and many of them are compromising with the charism. as a result many of them of disillusioned and frustrated. The Leader has to call each individual member to be faithful to what he has promised on the day of the profession. There has to be an animation on the Orders commitment and history, charism and spirituality to face the challenges of the modern world.

3. To be Human: A leader has to be very human which works effectively than the rules and regulations which has its own importance if rightly understood and put into practice. The leader is dealing with a real human being and not with buildings and structures. He has to intervene in the lives of the member with care and compassion. The leaders action and word should not create a division among the brotherhood. The leader must learn to be a father figure. He should learn to accompany the brother in trouble.

4. Fraternal charity in words and deeds: The human person depends very much on the words and deeds, and if they are charitable they boost the character and creates hope and expectation in a person. The Leader can touched the human fiber of a member through his charitable behavior which will go a long way to mould and shape one's character and behavior.

5. The formation of the Guardians: If we really want our Capuchin Charism to shine and be effective then train and guide those who are at the service of the fraternity. The role of the Guardian is very important in revitalizing the commitment and spirituality. They are not instructors in the community but are men who can lead the subject to God experience. Guardian is a person who has vision and mission to animate young and old member. But the question: are our guardians trained and prepared of this role and responsibility? They should be men who can make life of the members more vibrant and active by one one who is full of life and enthusiasm. 

6. A Leader who unites: The leader chosen or elected has to unite the province and brothers. He cannot go along with one group who is faithful to him. Leader is one who has take all members along in the province project. If the leader does not values each member in the province then the danger of losing expertise of many friars. The members will collaborate and cooperate if they are accepted and valued for what they are.
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