Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Session Testimony: Sr. Rosella FMM

The initial project of your foundress on the dimension of Internationality and intercultural.
What is the impact of this reality in one project of Franciscan life and Mission?
-       Interculturality is one gift to be accepted and at the same time it is a responsibility at the service of evangelization, to co-habit in the fraternity, but also a mentality to assume, desire and a will to meet is to be cultivated
-       There are tensions in living in intercultural fraternity
-       The richness and challenges of these fraternity?
-       To live together in differences.
-       Challenges: to look in the face and to come down at the root of conflicts,
-       To begin a walk of reconciliation with ourselves
-       To acknowledge the hurts and traumas in us, colonialism, nationalism, racism, regionalism, tribalism, war, these condition, to be available to offer and welcome pardon.
-       To be artifice of peace and reconciliation
-       Richness: the tension between tension and meeting as one source, one opportunity to learn and to enter in relation and to encounter
-       The Challenges: The Will
-       To dialogue which initiates a welcome the tiredness of investment of energies
-       To cultivate and exercise the patience of long periods which the dialogue asks or demands
-       To know through the moments of sufferings which the dialogue between the differences comporta
-       To dstroy and destructure the ethnocentrisms and other “ism” which live in us and which condition our relations.
-       To be one fraternity which involves and promotes dialogue, “ad Intra” e “ad extra”, in proper everydayness.
-       Richness: to be revealed and replaced ourselves in our true self more profoundly
-       Challenge: courage to leave “de-centrare” all diversita dell’altra;
-       L’esodo da noi stesse
-       To be one fraternity which lives the value of dis-appropriation,
-       Richness: the experience of being pilgrims and strangers
-       Challenges: to find equilibrium between intercultural in fraternal ambience and a dialogue within the fraternity
-       Trovare l’equilibrio tra unversale e particolare acquisendo una mentalita interculturale libera dal rischio del “provincialism”, del “regionalism” o del “nazionalismo”?
-       Trovare l’equilibrio tra unita e pluralita preparando allo “shock e all transizione culturale” nella fase dell’invio e contenendo il processo di inculturazion nella fase dell’accoglienza.

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