Sunday, December 28, 2014

Responsible Parents

Today both the Parents are working and the children are either looked after by the grandparents of babysitters.The responsibility to educate and train the children sometimes is shared by these. But the big question that i always ask are they really doing it? The children's physical and emotional growth is taken care of? What about the spiritual growth of the child?

The responsibility of a Catholic parents  is to pass on the Catholic faith, tradition and teach to the children is of primarily of the parents and not just the grandparents and the others. The parents should make known their faith to children through their experience. Today so many children don't known anything about religion and many of them are not baptized even.

If God experience is not passed on how will the children ever know about God or even Church. Following are the things that the Catholic parents can do in order to pass on our faith to children:
Baptize the Children on time with good preparation.

The priests in the Parish have a good program in order to prepare the parents and god parents for the baptism of the child.

As the child grows it would be so nice to speak about Jesus and Bible to the child. Today you can purchase Bible in Audio which could be played in the house so the child picks up certain spiritual vibes.

Take the child every Sunday for the Mass along with you. Let the child go around in the church to visit and spend some time. show the child the church's in the vicinity.

speak to your child about the saints.

Send your child for the catechism in the parish or in a catholic school

Prepare your child to receive all the sacraments in the Catholic church

Like Mary and Joseph follow the traditions of the Catholic Church

Don't be ignorant about the church's teaching on various issues.
Now let us learn something from today's Gospel: Mary and Joseph as obedient, humble and faithful members, brought Baby Jesus to the temple to be consecrated to God. Can our Catholic Parents do this?

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