Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Second and Third session

Second session: Testimony by Br. Jacopo OFM (Palestrina)
How was the fraternity born?
-       Fraternity depends on General minister and now united with the fraternity in Istanbul
-       Missionary fraternity for Europe
-       Fraternity started off like a synergy
-       Itinerant friars who lived on the streets started coming together every year from 2000-05

Third session: Eric Bidot and Raffaele Ruffo: Clermont Ferrand
1.     Fraternal life of communion: the fraternity provides us with a valuable point of reference.
2.     Keeping the wall? An hotel? Brotherly communion: a daily search
3.     Regular local chapters are part of fraternity to revive our life, to spread word of God among us and to receive forgiveness from each other
4.     A brotherly life of communion…..with the capuchins poor Clare’s sisters….with the lay Franciscans secular order
5.     The individuality of each brother is a precious gift to be respected and supported.
6.     The life of prayer: liturgical life and individual life. The sense of belonging, cultivated and nourished by prayer
7.     The mass lived together is the fount and apex of the whole Christian life. It remembers that we are meeting together in Christ’s name
8.     The life of Poverty: by leading a simple life limited to the minimum necessary and the maximum allowed. The friars do all the works. People feel we are available for them.
9.     Brothers in Mission: we respond to various requests we receive from organization. We are trying to be respectful to creation.
10. We have a capuchin café for the poor people. There are 25 people who pass by who are all engaged in ordinary conversation. Coffee and conversation, compassion and affection
11. The parishes missions: be ready for going where the parish is not yet….to be available for the people…
12. Let us nourish, through prolonged periods of prayer and vigilance..

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