Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3rd session by Mr. Mauro, sociologist - The current situation of Secularization in Europe

The Current situation of Secularization in Europe by Mr. Mauro, sociologist

-       Faith in Europe is in crisis
-       Apolcalyptic times in Europe, what are the questions people are posing and how to respond
-       It is not to venerate the ashes of the past but how to reignite the fire, new life
-       Historic perspective, we come from certain history, Francis is the first model who has impact, he as a layman puts a question how can I live the gospel? The attitude with which a person seeks to live his life.
-       What Francis was looking in 12th century we are now looking today, to live a genuine kind of life, looking for something, our likeness to Francis, authenticity and genuine
-       We are part of a history where there is a liberty
-       Father speaks to his son a full life and freedom, desires that his children be free and fulfilled, a priest when speaks of God as  a father he doesn’t speak as a father but as a son
-       Learn to defend ourselves from negatives
-       Prodigal son asking father to give his share to live his life, Europe has been asking heritance and freedom for centuries
-       Where is the church in all this, church like elder son who remained with the father
-       Freedom is not a clash against, freedom is found in love and compassion

-       We need to accompany this journey
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