Monday, December 8, 2014

General Minister and Councilors leave Curia for visits

The General Minister and Vicar General left yesterday for Slovakia for Pastoral visitation of the Jurisdiction. They will be there for two weeks almost. It is expected to be very cold and they will have to go about visiting various friaries of the capuchins. Please keep them in your prayers so that the visitation might go on well.

 Merry Christmas//////////prepare to receive the Lord

 Victorius is gonna a good time in Curia for Xmas

Jean Bertin, Sergio, Pio, Hugo, Raffael and me have already left for our areas for visits and attending chapters, assemblies, visitation and formation programs. Brothers Mark and Victorious would be in Rome as nothing is planned in the jurisdictions. Victorious was supposed to visit New Zealand but he could not get the visa. 
I am on my way to Bangalore and Anugraha for formators meeting. Then i will be taking 15 days of vacations at home. I will be at for the Christmas.

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