Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Second Day of the General council Meeting

The first day of the meeting was very peaceful and quite. We passed the minutes of the last meeting with some corrections. We then took up the agenda and as usual we had some cases to deal and discuss. In the afternoon session we had mid term reports from about four provinces which we discussed with care and concern. We were able to make suggestions for the improvement of some provinces. 

The second day of our council meeting began with the prayer led by the vicar general. It was a prayer for the Holy Father and his intentions. It was a very touching prayer.

This morning we have some more mid term reports again of the provinces......How difficult it is in some province to work as the government makes things difficult and hard for the friars to work.....The situations in some part of the world there is very precarious and dangerous and our friars work in these situations with faith and zeal.....
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