Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fourth Day of the Council Meeting

Yesterday we had some more mid term reports, visitation reports, economic visitation reports. The time spent in discussing these reports was valuable and fruitful. The experience of the visitors was positive and have shared wonderful things about the provinces and the friars. The Order is growing strong in vocations and even in spirituality. The revival and renewal of our Capuchin Charism is really going strong and were are hopeful to receive positive fruits in the near future. The Order is not disturbed due to the present war like situation in some of the provinces in the world....our capuchin friars live boldly and proclaim enthusiastically as ever. The faith and courage that the friars are showing is awesome and encouraging to all of us. 

The other points on the agenda were of minor importance but they were discussed and decisions were taken. The requests celebrating chapters keep coming every now and then. The councillors are ever ready to say yes to the request. The General Minister too is every ready to attend the Chapters depending on his program. We had some requests from few provinces to hold the chapters and we have granted them the permission. Those who are going to hold the chapters in coming year....can start thinking already......
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