Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Women's Day- Let us pray for all of them.....

A woman is our Mother, Sister, Wife, ....she plays many roles......Oh I cannot imagine what the world would be without a woman...Mother......As someone said that God could not be present everywhere so he created a Mother...of course....woman.....Today is a day to not only to wish her but to pray for her that she is accepted and honored, appreciated and loved as she is......May God bless all the women in the world....we salute you......May God brighten your life to spread light all around.....
International Women's Day is being celebrated on 8, March every year, across the globe. This year's Women's Day has the theme: "Pledge for Parity". At the Catholic Health Association of India 90 percent of the member institutions are headed by women. Most of the people working in the health care sector are women. Without women healthcare provision would be impossible in the world. We salute all our women on this International women's day for their dedicated service to the health ministry in the world and especially within the Church. We thank you for your hard work.

A woman's work or service is seldom treated on a par with a man's.  Despite proving that a woman has substance, she is quite often treated different from a man. The reason for this is the deep-rooted gender disparity existing in society. Worldwide, women continue to contribute to social, economic, political and cultural achievements. But, their contribution is not accepted as well as it should have been. Unless there is parity between men and women we cannot bring about change in society.

While observing the International Women's Day, every person across the globe has to solemnly promise to work towards ending disparity between men and women as well as work for the uplift of women and care for her. Every woman needs to be loved and cared for as she is responsible for forming healthy families which make for healthy societies.  And healthy societies ultimately make a healthy nation.

On this International Women's day we wish that our sisters and lay women of our member institutions may reach out  to the millions of poor and marginalized in hard-to-reach areas and in harsh conditions bringing the compassionate love of Christ. Let each one strive to bring smiles on the faces of many who are depressed.
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