Saturday, March 5, 2016

Return to Curia after Visitation in Holy Trinity Province

Oh, it was one complete month in the province of Holy Trinity. Wonderful time with the friars. It was a joy to meet and see some known faces. It was satisfying to finish a long visitation of a big province in CCMSI. A province which has got over 210 friars in the Province and some more in missions and collaboration. A province that has senior and junior friars living and working together to carry forward the great Mission of the Capuchins. The fraternities are active and vibrant. The apostolate and ministry varies from place to place. The province has in a big way entered into the school ministry of late and they are extremely doing well. There are 6 schools which are new and in the process of becoming self-sufficient. The province has invested a lot in terms of money as well as personnel. Many young friars have been trained in order to run the schools. Some of them are administrators, headmasters and others do teach in the school. The presence of the friars in the school is well appreciated and acknowledged by the parents who are happy about the progress of their kids. 

The province also has a lot of social work done. The young friars are interested in doing this work which is demanding and even sometimes difficult. The projects that come from the government are very few but they demand a lot of energy and accountability. The province has in five places this social work being carried out. I was fortunate to visit these centres and even meet some of the lay collaborators. They are happy to reach out to poor and especially the young children.
The province is involved in a big way taking care of the formation. They have all their formatio centres in the province. Some of the Indian provinces do send their brothers for formation. The 'province has good number of vocations too.

The de-addiction centre in Bhadravati is an excellent job. it is a centre that gives hope to those who take to drinking due to many domestic problems. Most of these are poor farmers who have taken huge loans and are not able to pay back. Due to stress and tension they have recourse to drinks. It is pathetic to see them but there is a sweet smile on their faces which reveals their confidence to be normal again. Many of them want to go back home to be Husbands and fathers.......Pray for them.

I concluded the visitation with the council meeting. I was able to brief them up....with many positive points and strengths of the friars. Some areas to improve. 
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