Thursday, March 31, 2016

On Way to India........Chapters of Karnataka and Pavanatma.....Final profession preparatory course

It was not so easy to leave the Curia after one and half months stay in the Curia. It was wonderful to stay long in Curia and then get into the rhythm of the Curia life. These days were days of celebration and festivities. The councillors most of them have already left for their ministry in the provinces. The General Minister in Bulgaria, returning today. The life in curia is so nice with a lot of fraternal moments. We get practically everyday guests friars from all over the world.

I am on way to attend two chapters and one course of the final profession preparatory course at Kotagiri. Three hectic weeks and full of activities and work. I am sure that it is going to be a wonderful experience out in India. 

While watching cricket game yesterday between India and West India, i concluded that it is up to the hard work and confidence that one can overcome any hurdles. It looked like the West Indians were going to lose the match but one or two guys with confidence, attentions, concentration and self-belief that led them to a glorious victory over much talked about Indians. The Indian team did play well under the leadership of Dhoni. But somewhere the over self confidence can let you down. You got to go into the moment. Live the moment till you come to an end. The moments were right and everything seems to going in your favour and then one or two events breaks all your confidence. There have been many people who have experienced these moments and gone nowhere. It is always good to evaluate certain actions and words of ours which we take for granted. We feel that it is not going to harm me anyways as i have been doing it for ages. The right moment comes to teach us that God is great and He rules the world.....We are nothing but a morning flower that blooms.....Let us be always be bloomed so that the fragrance remains throughout the day....Let no way we should control the moments but let those moments teach us something for our lives......

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