Monday, March 7, 2016

General Council Meeting starts today

The General council is back again to the table. Most of us having visited our areas, we have returned enriched and even tired. The council meeting is a joy to participate as the climate and ambience is good in the council. The points on the agenda though many, do not frighten us or bore us. We accept them with joy and deal with them fraternally. 

 esus said, “Unless you see signs and wonders, you will not believe!”

This brings to mind a story about an atheist professor forcing his unbelief on his students by saying: "I do not believe in God, and to prove to you that there is no God, I challenge God to strike me down this very moment. . . ." As he was speaking, a big burly young man in a college football t-shirt came down and punched him in the jaw sending the poor professor to the floor. The stunned professor asked the big student why he punched him.  The young man replied: "God told me to do it. . . ."

Some people want to prove their unbelief by seeking wondrous signs that they know will not happen. Others like us believe enough to ask for small signs from God to help us with our decisions. Sometimes God grants us special signs like white roses and stuff, but most of the time his signs are so subtle that it takes a well practiced personal relationship with Jesus and a regular prayer/quiet-time to recognize his whispered signs. 

Have you ever asked God to help you with your decision with a sign?

The Council meeting today begins at 11am instead of 9am as we need more time to read and prepare well for discussion. The councillors who have attended chapters, assemblies and conducted visitation would have a lot to share and speak about their first hand experiences. The mid term report too need more time in order to read and get into the ideas expressed by the provincial and his team. Sometimes it is not easy to understand the context of the opinions expressed in the mid term reports so we need time to go through it.

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