Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Thursday

i spent some three days in silence n meditation. I read the latest book of Fr. Cantalamessa which helped me a lot to be in communion with th Lord. Since last evening am in a parish here with one of my friends who is the parish priest, helping him to hear confessions. Here in Italy the confessions are very regularly frequented by the Catholics. Young and old all come well prepared n make a very good confessions, what I a[précis red about the priests here is that they are available for confessions. Most of the senior retired priest do offer their services for confessions.
Can you imagine that from morning 7 to noon you are in the confessional hearing confessions of those who really want the mercy n compassion of God. Being a year of the mercy all priests young n old keep sitting without a break in the confessional. It is really a great sacrament which properly taught and understood by all can really be an encounter with the Lord.

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