Friday, March 18, 2016

4th Day of the Council

We are nearing to a close of our general council meeting. Yesterday we completed the fourth day. We just had the morning sessions and then afternoon we joined the fraternity for a local chapter...Normally we would celebrate it after our council meeting but this time we changed in order to participate in the house annual budget discussions and then bring it our council meeting. We had a wonderful discussions and many more points on the card were discussed and deliberated fraternally. It was well animated by the Guardian.....

In our morning sessions yesterday, we had some reports of the pastoral visitations.....they reports were read and a discussion on certain issues was held. It was a great kind of sharing by the general minister who conducted the visitation. In some part of our order, the provinces are getting old and there are no more vocations. The pastoral activities are now getting lesser and lesser. Those who come to these old and historical provinces for fraternal collaborations, find no pastoral work and suitable ministry. These old provinces are trying their best to find a way out in order to be effective and make our presence more vibrant like before.

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