Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Talk by Mary E. Hess -----Digital media and contemporary life

She spoke about authority, authenticity and agency.....various dynamics are shifting in culture given digital media...

Part Two: spirituality is about relationship with God, with ourselves, with each other in community..
concerns about self-enclosing spaces...dilemmas amidst digital media

Epistemology matters....instrumental Vs. relational forms of knowing....

Media are about meaning media and contemporary life.....

Participatory forms of knowing and learning....formation requires immersion and participation

Part Three
What does all of this mean for work?
community is a crucial form of work in a digital age

Two difficult forces arrayed against this work
Economization and self-enclosure

Being in community can participatory knowing...
Trinitarian understanding of work of community

sharing your work into the world
server examples of sharing outward

create/share/believe circle
Hope for your future
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