Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Professor Mauro Magatti continues his talk

We need to put back together what has been separated. giving life to new forms of fraternity, not only functional, but that also resolve the concrete problems of living.
This means a way of acting that refuses to be closed in a sub-system of logic in how we measure ourselves and how we recognize others. an that therefore finds, though it be private, an intrinsic public nature. 

Human action that expresses itself in the various forms of work is characterized by its original trial, that pertains to the human person and his unrepeatable manner, to the novelty that he brings into the world. It is not however autistic, but intimately dialogical.
He spoke of social generatively, a type of action characterized by four movements: a desiring , a putting in the world, a taking care, and a letting go. 
Growing into full self-awareness and articulating itself in a variety of forms, action tends to evolve into generation. this explains why action can qualify as generative. Generatively is a way to redevelop these three forms of action, giving it the following specific contours:
- it is transitive: it puts out the initiative of the subject as outside of himself, preventing self-referentiality. Transitivity introduces the dimension of time. it does not squash the moment. 
- it is inter-generational
- it is exemplary: in so far it is transitive, it is dialogical: it enters into a rapport, into an exchange, into a relationship, but respects the community from which it asks to be recognized.
Labor becomes a taking care of Life
work expresses creativity and style
Action becomes responsibility

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