Friday, April 17, 2015

The visitation comes to an End

It was a wonderful fraternal experience. It was rich as i was a visiting North India where the Capuchins came as missionaries. Today everywhere in the North the missions and dioceses speak about the hard work of the capuchins who came from Europe. To walk and talk in the place where great souls committed to Jesus christ was a great and satisfying feeling. I considered myself lucky and fortunate to have conducted this visitation. It lasted two months as i had to discontinue last month due to the council meeting in Rome. 
What a satisfaction and joy to see our brothers working so hard and giving their best to the missions, parishes and schools. The friars working as brothers of Francis have already created waves of capuchin chrism. It is felt and experienced by those served and those who work with our capuchins. All of them were appreciative of the work and mission of the friars. The schools and parishes are organized and managed well. The faith that is handed over is something to be admired. The friars with good and solid faith are engaged in many kinds of apostolate. The friars who came around 45 years ago are still working for the province. They are passing on and handing over the rich capuchin mission legacy. All the friars are grateful to the Order and Church for what they have done in the Past. This province has a future and it will become great in quality and quantity. The life is hard but lived with joy and commitment. The Capuchin charism is not compromised even though they have schools. The life style is simple and very much capuchin. I am praying and hoping that the young friars keep up the same spirit and tempo so that the name of the capuchins shines all the time.
I concluded this evening the visitation by meeting the provincial council. It was three hours where i shared my experience and findings. I shared with them what the friars shared, their hopes and aspiration, their happiness and worries and even fears. It was a fraternal sharing with them and a dialogue where we listened to one another. I proposed some things for the good of the province and the animation of the provincial council. The council is active and united and i am sure that they would implement the suggestions.
I leave tomorrow early morning for Trichy for the provincial chapter of North Tamil Nadu Provincial Chapter.
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