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Visitation to Dalhousie Friary in Himachal Pradesh, India

The Capuchin Missionaries have left behind a rich legacy here in this part of North India. Dalhousie is a hill station about 9000 meter above sea level. This place is surrounded by Himalayan range of Mountains. They are covered with snow.....
 You can see the range of Mountains

St. Francis' Church ( Dalhousie ) :

This Catholic Church is a very prominent monument on the Subhash Chowk. This Church was built in the year 1894 from the contributions made by Army and Civil Officers and Civilians. This Church is managed and maintained by the Cathoilic Diocese of Jalandhar. St. Francis' Church on Portrain hill is believed to have been built on the lines of a certain church in England. Beautiful glass work and intricate stone work can be seen in the Church. Service is conducted every Sunday.


 Br. Johnson C. is  parish priest of St. Francis Church, Dalhousie, since three years. Before becoming a Capuchin Johnson was in Indian air force for 16 years as Radar Technician working in Jaguar. As a sergeant he retired after completing his regular services in the air force in 1991. He joined the capuchins immediately and got ordained in 2002. A big gift of the lord to the Capuchin Order. He has a sack of experience in herbal medicines and conducts Franciscan eco spiritual retreats to the religious and lay people. All the tourist who come to Dalhousie do come to the church to visit but Br. Johnson offers his spiritual service to them. There are few catholics here but in the evening he conducts a Maha Arati(Adoration) for which most of them are tourists who are non christians, He is known as Baba (Priest). 
 Br. Johnson a typical Indian Guru....while in air force he has had spiritual experiences with famous Indian gurus in Rishikesh, in Shivanada Ashram...
Fr. Johnson Chittilappilly
Priest in charge
Mob: 9882052856

 In Dalhousie there are two seasons....winter season people come here from other parts of india to enjoy the snow fall and in summer the people come to enjoy the hilly climate as in rest part of India it is hot here in Dalhousie it is only 12 degrees...
 There are Himalayan Dauladhar range which are covered with snow throughout the year....

 We were brought here by Br. Johnson

 St. Francis Friary is located in the centre of Dalhousie....
Dalhousie receives snow like any European countries....this is

The pioneers of Jalandhar Mission in India

St. Patrik's Church ( Dalhousie ) :

This Church is situated in Baloon, Dalhousie Cantt., on Military Hospital road approximately 2 kms. from main bus stand. St. Patrick's Church is the largest church in Dalhousie having a seating capacity of 300 persons in its main hall. The Church was built in the year 1909 and the dressed-stone building is still in good condition. This Church was built exclusively from contribution made by officers and ranks of the British Army. At present the Church is managed and maintained by the Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar. This church is situated at a very scenic spot. It is one of the most beautiful churches in north India, especially its building is of very different kind. Service is conducted on Sunday.
 It is like monastery...local people call it as a monastery but it is Patrick's church

 There are no regular masses held but lot of visitors come to pray. The locals who are non-christians come and spend time in this beautiful church....

 Another sign of Capuchin presence in Dalhousie
 The Interior of St. Patirck's Church

 Christ the King and St. Patrick's Church
 More than 100 years old statute of St. Francis of Assisi.....The Capuchin missionaries have left their foot prints here...
 The entrance of st. Patirck's church

 There are many Christian cemeteries in which all the army personnel are buried....most of them are foreigners ......
 There are few Catholic families. They are very strong in faith. They love the Church and show their love by attending all the functions of the Church. The friar who is in charge of the parish goes around for the family prayers. I was lucky to attend one such a prayer meeting.

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