Thursday, April 23, 2015

Election of the Councilor and Solemn Eucharist

From morning 9 to evening 6pm we spent time in electing the Provincial council in-between break for Lunch and rest......finally we did it.....the brothers participation was very good......they have now a good and young team with experienced friar like John Antony
Welcome to the Eucharist ....walk with the Lord and He will never allow us to drift away from Him and out commitment

 I accept as the will of God and i will give my best....doing arty

 Without His light we will grope in darkness....councilors light the lamp to have the light of Christ

 Three young friars but talented and energetic....want to do something for the Province along with the Provincial....let us wish them all the very best

 May the incense of God's love be with us....John Antony must be definitely having this prayer in his mind

 Without the Eucharist our body as an engine will expire soon.....

 Prayed for the new team and thanked the outgoing team....asked the new team to Keep jesus christ as the centre and Capuchin charism to be given top priority

 Anthony's proclaims Gods word
Provincial gives his first message....

 Time to make profession of Faith and Oath of secrecy
 The oath of secrecy be maintained and kept always close to the heart...
 may we all walk always together in our council, decisions and plans....with the incense of God's love

 Praying for the newly elected council
 The new provincial team.....

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