Thursday, April 23, 2015

Electing the Minister Provincial

We began the morning with one hour prayer and then break fast. At 9am we began adoration conducted by me and then we began the process of election. I gave certain instructions. The other formalities were announced. The capitulars took oath and after which the chapter secretary and scrutineers also took the oath. The election of the new provincial minister immediately began After two inconclusive scrutinees we had the third in which Br. John Antony, ex-general councilor got elected

 He is one of the oldest friar....attending all the spite of heat...he wants to be present...

 Instructions were given regarding the procedures.....the scrutineers are along with chapter secretary

 The counting and opening of the ballot papers

 An election has taken place after two scrutinees...moment to congratulate the new Provincial John Antony

 Friars wishing the new provincial

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