Saturday, April 18, 2015

Solemn Profession preparatory Course 2015, Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu

The young friars from all the 4 Franciscan families have gathered together in Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu for the immediate preparation for their solemn vows. Every year the friars from various provinces of India come for this program and it has been going on for some years now. This course not only prepares them for their vows but also creates strong fraternal bonds among them. 

 Way of the Cross in the Tea Gardens of the Friary.....The young friars all enacting the entire way of the Cross.......
 One of the Friars from Maharashtra acting as Jesus......

A training session for the brothers.....

In CCMSI we have few places where common formation is taking place, this course really brings all the Franciscan friars together. The sharing and living together for one month is a rich experience which the young friars cherish always. The maintained the relationship and friendship which they experience during this month.

Br. Lawrence from Tamil Nadu South has been shouldering this responsibility for some times now and he is doing fabulously well. The student friars are very happy with his animation and teaching. He is a big brother to the friars, say all the participants. This year he has a good team too. Brothers Wilson D’Souza and Henry D’Souza are assisting him.

The young friars have various courses and many expert friars are called to speak to them. I am sure that over the period of years this course has improved and gone to become a must attend program for the young friars. They just not attend lectures but also have various kinds of prayer experiences. The talented young friars exhibit their gifts and talents in various moments of prayers and entertainment.
Let us all congratulate the Team and the friars in Kotagiri. Let us also appreciate the efforts of CCMSI. The president Br. Chinnu attended the opening session and I will be with them during this weekend. I will stay for two days and animate them.

Let us pray that our young friars prepare well to face the challenges of the world.
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