Thursday, April 9, 2015


It was pleasant journey but with a lot of anxiety before entering into the airport, as I was not sure about being allowed by the Police to leave Italy. But thank God everything went on well. The authority did not ask me anything about the stay permit, which was robbed along with the other documents on a train. The questura gave me a receipt, which allows me travel only to India and back to Italy till I receive the official residential stay permit.

I boarded the flight with joy and happiness. The flight was not full so I could sleep very well without eating anything.. I left a note on my sit for the crew members not to disturb me. I only got up half an hour before landing at Dubai. It was good sleep and rest which I needed badly. The cold and cough, which I have been suffering since the holy week is getting worse and the medication, seems to be not working. But the climate in India will do its magic and miracle.

From Dubai to Delhi flight was also not full so good amount sits free where one could relax. I no longer enjoy the silver status of my frequent flyer as I could not maintain the miles, which are required. Anyways I missed all the fun and frolic, food and drinks of the lounge in Dubai. The free WIFI is very weak at Dubai airport and if you seriously want to do something you cannot. So I sat right in front of the Lounge where the WIFI is strong and I have my password saved. It was a wonderful to surf and do something with the Internet.

I reached Delhi on time and Br. Jose, provincial secretary was waiting for me outside. We drove the provincial curia but to our bad luck the Delhi traffic held us more than one hour on the road. The Provincial Minister and one ex-general of a Franciscan congregation FSLG was waiting for me welcomed me. She came to express her gratitude for the foreword that the general minister has written for her book on the life of the Founder who was a capuchin. We discussed many things among which one point of Franciscan formation was insisted.

I had to lave the provincial curia at 6pm for the railway station to catch train for Punjab. The train journey is about 10 hours and slow too. I am writing this blog in the train.
I will continue my visitation, which I could not complete in the month of February. In Punjab state the Province has got about 6 houses that also include two formation houses.

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