Friday, April 3, 2015

Jesus Invites us to Live for Love and Love the unloved!!!!!

Let us Love like Hime, Live like Him and Die like life, purpose and Hope.....

 Today is Good Friday.  The Gospel reading of today, the Passion of the Lord according to John, narrates the sufferings of our Lord from the betrayal of Judas in the Garden of Gethsemane to his death on the cross and subsequent burial. 

These events are clearly not “good”; when we have similar experiences of difficulties, pain and defeat, we would not consider these experiences “good.” 

     With faith and by God’s light and grace, we are invited to see and recognize the “good” that is truly manifested on Good Friday and also at times when we ourselves have difficult and painful experiences of difficulties and pain, of crosses and defeat.

Many years ago the late Fr. Guido Arguelles S.J. wrote a reflection on the passion and death of the Lord entitled “Scar or Star”:

           Jesus Christ indeed is a Superstar,
                  upon the cross he was super-scarred.
           The thief on the left saw the scar. 

                  The thief on the right saw the star. . . 
           The ugly child that to a stranger is a scar 
                   is to its mother – her
Those who love see stars. 
                  Those who do not, see scars.

     The sufferings and death of our Lord were not “good” sights.  However, as Fr. Guido said, “those who love see stars”: they see what is good even in very ugly sights and happenings. 
Our Lord invites us to look into his heart in the midst of his suffering, pain and death. 

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