Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2nd Day Eucharist - Theme "Gratitude to the Lord"

 The actual provincial council concelebrated the Mass this morning. The theme was the Gratitude we need to express to the Lord and one another. Three years have been full of blessings and grace from the new province began with some initial difficulties but overcame through the support of all friars....well done and congratulations.
 Word of God inviting to thanks and praise the lord in all situations and circumstances....I am sure this Christian attitude is well rooted and accepted by all.
 Gospel proclaimed by one of the newly ordained deacons...

 Br. Mathew....delivered a good and touching homily ...invited the brothers to remain always grateful to the Lord for his intervention in each ones life as well as in the Province
 Br. Theresnathan along with the Other friars....participating in the Eucharist

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