Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Need of Convincing Leaders!!!!!!

The photos are from Mizoram where it has been raining heavily ...photos are sent by Br. Stany Roshan who is the provincial delegate of Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka, India. Many people have lost their homes and properties......He has requested our prayers and support.
Today we all look for credibility of a person talking, teaching or even guiding us. Everyone is interested in knowing his standing in the society or in the church. Before we accept or believe all that he says to us we would be happy to know where does he stand, what is relationship and rapport with people with whom or for whom he works. The political leaders’ opinion and remarks are not taken seriously today because they lack credibility. The most experienced people are well accepted and we find it easy to go along with them easily and with their words and actions, with their lifestyle and teaching. Their backgrounds are taken seriously as they are the examples to be followed and lived. If the leader has been very successful then he is the most wanted person around. 
These leaders then become often point of references for everything. The leaders with good track record of good governance and positive and good decisions made are well sought after leaders. Unfortunately we have leaders who don’t have credibility but are in a big positions, they have a role and responsibility to carry. Due to lack of experience and history do make wrong decisions. It is not easy to ask or question them as they are not ready to listen to their subjects. The power of being a leader goes into their heads which makes them to take decisions which go against everyone.
 It is always good to get on a solid personal experience before we dream of becoming lampposts and guiding stars. The leaders have to real work to get their subject to believe in them not through words but through actions and deeds based on the experiences. The growing and increasing need of the youth is to find someone who can persuade them through example and credibility. If am a selfish person then persuading and attracting someone to do what I would like them to do would be an impossible thing to do. If my goal and aim is clear then I keep talking to my subjects who take keen interest in knowing it. They pay utmost attention as they see values in what you are proposing through solid and positive actions.
The leaders told would have to spend time, energy and resources that are available to them and the leaders must make a point to use them at any cost, if not then leaders become outdated. To win over your subjects is not a easy neither difficult task provided you know where to hit the right nail. You will come across subjects who would go along with you and others who just wait to find a fault in what you say and do. These negative characters can bring down the efficiency of yours but you have to carry on to keep holding on your point of view after having taken into account the view of the others.

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