Sunday, June 3, 2018

Happy Feast of Corpus Christi and Happy Birthday to Br. Umberto Losacco

Fr. Umberto is celebrating his birthday today....he is the Italian Language secretary. Please pray for him today....
Jesus promised us to stay with us until the end of the world (Mt 28.20). He has kept his word in many ways. He is with us in his word, which is always a living and holy word, which leads to the Father who is entrusted to it. He is present, even more, in the sacrament of his body and his blood. And that certainly deserves a party. This sacrament fills us, above all, because it brings us to the "incarnation" of the divine Word: God continues to come to stay. He will not abandon us anymore. Secondly, this sacrament nourishes us: it nourishes in us that divine life which is our true life, because it is eternal. Finally, this sacrament shows us, in the form of bread and wine, the one whom the apostles saw, but just as Jesus of Nazareth was not seen by all as the Messiah, the sacrament of his body and his blood did not everyone convinces. For those who stop at appearances, this sacrament does not constitute proof, because what is seen is not enough. In fact one sees only what one lets see. For the believer, however, that is, for those who allow themselves to be reached by the love of God, this sacrament is the greatest of the signs, the sign that puts us in communion with Jesus himself. The believer is transfigured by it, his sin is purified, thanks to it he anticipates the promised banquet: that of the wedding of the Son.

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