Sunday, June 17, 2018

110 Years of International College of Sam Lorenzo Da Brindisi - Celebration.....

 Br. Raffaele...feeding a crow...before departing for celebration in Collegio
 The college organised a two hours symposium to mark the 110 years existence of the College
 Three papers were presented- a round table conference was held....Br. Vincenzo Criscuolo presented on the theme of " The College in the history of the Capuchins", Br. Lucca Bianchi presented on " The value and importance of Study in the Franciscan vocation", Br. Francesco Neri presented on " Identity and Mission of the college in the Capuchin Fraternity" and the General Minister thanked all by giving in short the very important scope of the College and he also spoke about the financial difficulties that the Order is facing in running the College today.
 The General Minister, Vicar General, Rector, vice rector, economo and spiritual father

 An inspiring homily by GM on the kingdom of God...a seed that is sown is sprouted and grows to be big...he narrated few examples of brave friars in the world who contribute towards the growth of the Kingdom of GOd...
 A good number of friars, sisters and benefactors....above all the dependents of the college who make the running of the College very easy and smooth

 AN open air dinner prepared by various groups....everyone waits for this is etc....

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