Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pray in Secret: Our Father!!!!!!

One of my old masters told me: "The most perfect prayer is that of Jesus. Now he has taught us the '' Pater ''! Whatever your despair, enter into yourself, in secret, and 'your personal' 'Pater' following the pattern that Jesus has left us! ".

 Later I adapted my questions, my adorations, my thanks, my acts of compulsion to the '' Pater ''. I always found myself understood and fulfilled!
You definitely have a problem. Collect yourself in the secret of God; far from everything that is not him. And say at the bottom of the heart:
Our Father, who are my inner heaven, let your name be sanctified from all my being, and particularly in this moment of trial I am going through. Come your kingdom. Your Christ, manifestation of your kingdom, deigns to be incarnated in my problem.
Thy will be done because it is holy. On earth, in my problem, as in heaven!
Give us today our daily bread!
The bread is identified today with the solution of this problem!
Forgive us our debts, especially those that have led me to this situation, as we forgive them ...
And do not lead us into temptation, that of despair, of forgetfulness of you.
But deliver us from the evil one and its pitfalls, especially ...
Because yours is the kingdom ...
And your Father, who sees in secret, will grant it to you!

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