Monday, June 4, 2018

Give to God what Belongs to Him!!!!!!!!

Jesus said to them: "What belongs to Caesar give it to Caesar, and what belongs to God, to God".

Pharisees agree to put Jesus to the test. They call him Master, even if their purpose is to set him a trap. Many times, while recognising in Jesus the One who has right words, free words, words of true life, we look for less demanding answers, answers that may give us the serenity of the moment. To satisfy our human quest and desire. To make us feel happy....

Jesus responds with strength and truth, he confronts us with the will of God and the will of the world, which so often presents as a good that which in an egoistic way cares only for the personal good and forgets the good of the brothers. We ask the Lord for his strength and his light to discern the true good, the true wealth and to be people who build a society and a Church in peace and justice.

O Lord, who asked us to give to God and to Caesar according to our capacity, help us to live our belonging to this world as children of the same Father.

The voice of Pope Francis: The Church creates environment for men and women to be Holy and Saints. The saints of every day, those of ordinary life, carried out with consistency; but also of those who have the courage to accept the grace of being witnesses until the end, until death

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