Monday, June 4, 2018

We have a vineyard to be cultivated and treated!!!!!!!

 We all will receive, one day, a vineyard to be cultivated and treated. This vineyard is the stone of the new Jerusalem that
the Lord instructs us to polish and to lay where he will show us.
We must be vigilant and careful to know how much God expects of us. Walking, we must work to operate as God asks us. Many stages separate us from the final goal. The first harvest takes place on the occasion of the choice of life. What to choose and how to choose according to the will of God? If I made my choice without taking into account the will of God, I lost my first game and ignored God's messenger.
The second possibility is given to me in the realization of the choice of life; if I have chosen family life, do I worry about loving my wife (or my husband) and being her (or him) united in the love of God? If this does not happen, I have also missed the second harvest and I have ignored the second messenger of God. The same is true if, in religious life, in voluntary or ecclesiastical celibacy, I have neglected to seek and cultivate communion in the love of Christ, holy spouse of my soul.
The third harvest takes place in the education of the children in the first case, and in the commitment to fulfill the mission and in the practice of perfection in the second case. If we have not communicated to our children the God of love or if we have not opened the ways of God to our brothers, we will have lost even the third harvest and we will have killed the third messenger.
Then God, our heavenly Father, makes another attempt: he moves us with his Word made flesh, his Son Jesus. He calls us through him, through his Gospel, through his ministers: it is still possible to unite us to the love.
If we reject this last possibility, we contribute to kill the Son of God in us. This is the so-called "against the Spirit" sin, because it causes eternal death in us. God takes our crown and gives it to another. Who will be given and who has not removed the little that has ... "The stone that the builders have discarded has become a corner head!".

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