Friday, March 27, 2015

The General Council Meeting ends

Two weeks of deliberations and discussions came to an end this afternoon. These were the intense and packed days with a lot of material to discuss and take decisions. But all of us were happy that we were able to do justice to the agenda. We also fee time and moments to relax a bit after heavy and hard discussions....Now the councilors will go to their respective areas. Some of us will be here for the Holy week and Easter. I cannot leave because i don't have documents to travel. I can travel only after 7th April. I will be traveling on 7th night to India because on 7th morning i have my appointment in the Questura and then with the receipt from the office would permit me to travel to India.

Fr. Jame, a Jesuit priest who conducted an audit .....speaks to the general Minister before his presentation of the report
Yesterday we had the Jesuit priest who has conducted an external audit of our fraternity presented his report which is positive and encouraging one. We spend good amount of time discussing and dialoguing with him in order to improve our animation of the Order and the fraternity. He was very useful to us in giving certain orientations. 

In an Organization it is very important that an external audit is conducted to work well and be very effective. Today it is possible to have this help from outside. In any group which is international and where variety of work is carried on, it is absolutely necessary to conduct evaluation. Here in Curia all brothers work in coordination and cooperation among various offices. There is a fraternal understanding among those who head the offices.

 This morning Br. Damien presented his the statistics of the Order....well prepared and presented through a power point....we were so happy to see the figures of the Order in various part of the Order....He has worked hard to collect all the data from the provinces and put them together.....his handwork deserves to be appreciated....with graphics he presented the facts and figures about the Order according to continent wise, Conference wise and province wise....the order is growing in numbers in Asia and Africa....

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