Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Holy Tuesday - The Lord Invites us to make a differnece

Many times we hear from normal people that they can not help a situation or make a difference in a given situation. Many throw up their arms in the air and resign saying its not their cup of tea. Many who can really make a difference in the lives of the others are too scared or shy to do anything. The fear of being used or abused does not allow them to use their talents for the sake of the others. To make a difference in the lives of the others needs inner courage and faith in oneself. sometimes we see that many work for the good of the others and for social uplifting but see no changes so they say why should we labour in vain. Many who profit from the goodness of the others fail to show and express their gratitude towards the donors. But i think we must keep on doing good and make a difference with our goodness in the life of the others. There are many people around us who are needy. sometimes we wonder how many of them could be helped. can we reach out to all these needy and poor. there be many but we can do something for a small number....we can make a difference in their lives at least. 

I normally advise people to use their talents and capacities for the sake of the underprivileged. Just this morning i met who doctor and she is gynecologist. she is well know here and has put in number of years in the hospital and due for retirement. she has a desire to do something for the sake of the others. i immediately suggested that she could go to the missions where women need her help. Many of the women in the missions die while giving birth and she could be a savior for millions of women. she was like so happy. she said that no one suggested this to me. she is willing to make a positive difference in the life of the others with her expertise and profession. I am sure God will make use of her.......the world is not too big to make a difference with our talents and gifts.....there is always a needy in our next door....may be an old person needing our support to take them to the hospital....may be they need some grocery to be purchased....we can make a difference with what we have....

God has created us with a mission. The mission could be just right there under our nose...the mission could be to sit with one of our friars who feels lonely, who is missing some one in his life, a friar who is sick and lying on the bed....a friar who has lost his dear and near ones....we can make a difference with our visit, with our smile and touch....by just simple fraternal conversation with them....so much goodness we have and yet we just keep it buried inside us....why take that goodness to our graves...why not use it to make a difference.....We are all called by the Lord constantly to share our goodness and greatness with the less fortunate....When we know that the Lord is the source of all goodness and talents that we posses then we begin to feel important because the source is the Lord....     

We are all preciously made, with unique gifts and talents. They were planted in us, that we may become not just servants of God, but the “light of the nations,” beacons of hope in a world that at times grows numb to the wonders of Yahweh. Let us not lose sight of our worth and of our mission. When there is faith, there is no fear or faltering. There is no room for doubt, only action.

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