Sunday, March 29, 2015

Holy Monday inviting us to pour out the Oil of Love for others......

We have entered into Holy Week and getting ready for all the important days of the Liturgical year. The best days in our Catholic Calendar to know what Gods love is.  Everyone waits for these days of our faith and hope. These days bring us closer to our Redeemer and to one another. The Redeemer sacrificed himself loving us till the last breath of His Life. He gave us His love, time and attention. He died for us so that we learn to die to yourself and others. He shared all the best things with us so that we may not lack anything in our lives. He was always worried about us and wanted all of us to be happy and contented. Today can we do the same for our needy brothers and sisters, love and care them for what they are? If we really Love the Redeemer then like Mary let us pour out the oil of Love for the others. We must give to Him and others without complaint or murmurings. Give generously and receive abundantly from Him.     

The Gospel reading speaks of love, a love that knows no limit. Mary showed her love and gratitude to Jesus by using costly ointment to wipe Jesus’ feet. Even if it seemed “wasteful,” she gave the best that she had out of love and gratitude for God’s mercy. Her utmost concern was to please the Lord.  On the other hand, Judas was counting the cost and thought of it as wasteful.  He also loved Jesus, but he was thinking more of his own benefit instead of giving more to God.  It is so easy to “hold back” when we are beset with so many worldly things and concerns.  Jesus showed the greatest love by sacrificing his own life for us to save us from our sins. How do we show our love in return? Have we done something extravagant for him?  Let us pray for the grace to love Jesus with all that we have, with our very selves: he gave everything for us until the very last drop of His blood.

There are married people who give everything for the family. Some of them die everyday in order to make their family members happy and contended. The sacrifices that they make are enormous and beyond imagination just because they care for their beloved ones. They really love. Sometimes in our religious life too we have some brothers who really love the members and give their everything in order to make others happy. Sometimes these only think about the others and their comforts….They neglect themselves but want to see the others happy and enjoying….the spirit of sacrifice is great….
When we know that one belongs to us then we are willing and ready do anything. Real Love allows us to let go and let live.

I remember a story about two women who come to a king with a child. Both demanded that the custody of the Child. It was not possible to give one child to both. The women fought tooth and nail. Finally the king decided that the child be cut into two pieces. Hearing this verdict of the king one woman said no. she willingly said that the childe be given to another woman. She did not want the child to be slaughtered. The king immediately understood who was the real Mother. Real love does not want to see their loved one suffering. Their love is beyond one’s imagination….

God’s love was much more than that. He offered His only Son. 

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