Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dubai Meeting

The agenda was as follows
1. Obedience and the letter of obedience
2. Selection of brothers for gulf
3. Fraternal visits of the provincials and major superiors
4. The need of friars based on the mission
5. Ius Commissionis
6. Pastoral availability and large mindedness
7. Financial aspect
8. Recalling of Missionaries
9. Openness to multicultural and multinational context for pastoral commitment
10. Language aptitude

On the above points both the provincials and the Bishops exchanged their experiences and expectations. The Bishops had their own positive and negative experiences about the Missionaries working in the Gulf. There are many problems created by the other rites who have their bishops back home either in India or other eastern countries. The bishops shared their sad experiences and anguish dealing with this particular problem.
After two days of useful discussion the friars promised to collaborate with the gulf mission in a positive manner.
The first day Mass was celebrated b Bishop Camilo and homily preached by Paul Hinder.
Second day General Minister presided and preached a homily and exhorted the friars to work together   with one heart and mind.
In the afternoon we were taken for Dubai sight seeing. It was amazing and heart throbbing experience. The dinner was hosted by the Parish Priest Br. Tomasito in St. Mary Parish. He is a large hearted man.
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