Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy birthday to Br. Luis and Br. Massimo

Today two of our friars in the curia are celebrating birthdays. Br. Luis you all know who is the general  economo. He is in Cuia for quite some time and doing an awesome job for the Order. He has vast experience behind him. He has been provincial in the province of colombia. Here in curia he is now busy with renovation of Cuira, he has given his 100 cent for this work. He deserves our prayers and best wishes.. 
Next great man is Br. Massimo who is personal secretary of the general minister. He is quite and serene friar without any noise he carries out his work. He drives the minister either to the airport or for meetings in Rome. He is man who is very fraternal. He associates with one and all. We pray for his good health and long life. Happy birthday Massimo

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