Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beauty of Dubai

A wonderful place. Totally man made! It is awesome and wonderful. All concrete Jungle which attracts one and all. One wonders how is it possible! But Humans have always proved that God is at the centre of every creation or development. The Humans have created something which i would not compare with natural beauty that we see when we visit some beautiful country side. Here the beauty that you see around does not linger long in your just passes away. I had been to Uganda and visited Lake Victoria and the source of Nile River but the images are still fresh in mind. Dubai is blessed with material wealth and human wealth too. Here you find the cream of each country working  here making Dubai what it is. You find here all kinds of professionals who are highly trained and have a load of experiences. No wonder you see a lot of progress and development here. It is a country for the rich i feel. 
Pope Francis calling us to serve the poor who are affected by the globalisation. The poor are where they were. No going further. They are stagnated. But the rich are making stride in all kinds of direction. Let us pray that all human beings may share in the richness of Gods creation. They too have a share. Given opportunity and education I am sure they too will be working hard and contributing towards growth and progress. The poor too are created in image of God. They why this difference!
May God Bless Dubai. It has given shelter and work for so many. All live in peace and harmony here. Everyone is treated equally. May its leaders and rulers be Blessed by the Almighty! Love You Dubai!
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