Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Formation Commission....presenting Ratio Formationis

 Brothers Charles and Jaime....presenting a paper on the Ratio Formationis.......they explained the various stages of its preparations......then they explained about the International formation Council....

What is Ration Formationis? It is not an artificial document written in a laboratory, Not a document that demands an uniformity without respecting our cultural differences, not a manual or a recipe for formators who don't want to reflect but only want to do something.
Objectives: to reinforce our Charismatic Identity with the communal elements found in every culture of the Order. To make an open, creative, suggestive document which give impulse to reflect about the formative reality today. To share about all the possible types of formative experiences that can give a new paradigm for the Order which will be applies to the respective context creatively.

Formation structure of Ratio Formationis:
  • Charismatic and Identity related dimensions and sense of belonging
  • Human Maturity
  • spiritual dimension, life in the spirit
  • Intellectual dimension
  • apostolic and missionary dimension
  • On psycho-sexual and affective formation

  • to evolve a good reflection on th psycho-sexual maturity taking into consideration the existing reality and the challenges of the order in handling the sexual abuse cases. and also help our brothers have a positive outlook on our affective realities and learn to live it happily through our fraternal living...
  • Despite our deep seated cultural diversities we a common wisdom and way of living in our Franciscan Capuchin traditions which give some answers to our challenges. It has to be brought with a new colour and expression that would appeal to the modern man.

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