Monday, July 3, 2017

Animation of a Province: The Figure and role of the Provinces/custos by Vicar General

 He explained some essential aspects for the animation of the Brothers: 1. In the school of the Holy living together as brothers, we search for and fulfill God's will in every event and action
 2. To be father -pastor-animator, who walks before the fraternity, guiding it with words and example, and at times walking behind the brother who has become lost in order to find him and lead him back to the fraternal hearth.
 3. To be a teacher of prayer, especially contemplative prayer, which is specific to us. you are men of God, dedicating long moments to prayers, asking the Lord continuously for the gift of the wisdom that can discern every occasion according to God
 4. To look after the balance between the fraternal life and the many activities. nowadays it is an art to maintain the balance between the fraternal life, which must necessarily include an intense life of prayer and countless activities.....
 5. Be free, serving all without letting yourselves be manipulated by any group but making yourselves likePaul, All things to all.
 6. Bring joy and enthusiasm to the fraternities: it is this that leads to rebirth. to be able to do this, you have to be a brother who listens....who interests himself in the brothers, who dialogues with them.
 7. one of the most current themes today is fraternal collaboration between the Circumscriptions of the Order....which has the principal purpose of the reviving our charism in places where it is passing through a period of crisis
8. Shabhat: to help grow in the circumscription the, mentality that one day a week we have the need and right to stop
9. To know also how to think of oneself....
10. To have a trusted brother in whom you can trust personally.
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