Saturday, July 8, 2017

On Way to Nairobi,Kenya for Pastoral Visitation!!!!!

 I left last evening for Rome airport and reached Dubai in the early morning.....I have a layover for three hours.....I am enjoying the Emirates hospitality here in Lounge....good to be skyward member....I have my flight to Nairobi at 10am ...I am going for pastoral visitation of Kenyan Capuchin Province.....Please pray for me and Norbert....responsible Councillor for Africa

"Learn from me for I am gentle and humble of heart." (Mt 11: 29) I believe that this line from the Gospel reveals to you who Jesus is: Jesus, as the fullness of the revelation of God, manifests to us the God, our God, who is gentle and humble of heart. During last year's special Jubilee Year of Mercy we reflected on this great and rich reality in our spiritual lives: the unending mercy of God, which is fully revealed to us in and by Jesus through Jesus' gentleness and humility. God in Jesus is gentle in dealing with us despite our many shortcomings and limitations; God in Jesus is humble in seeking us out and bringing us back to his embrace in spite of our hardness of heart and mind. In Jesus, we experience God as sheer compassion and pure love.
     Because God is compassion and love as revealed in his gentleness and humility, our God always seeks us out. Our God always journeys with us and accompanies us in all circumstances of our lives. Pope Francis in his homily in Tacloban two years ago assured us that "Jesus is Lord": Jesus as Lord stays with us, is one with us in all our pains and struggles; Jesus understands our contexts; Jesus perfectly understands our lives because Jesus is Lord.

     We pray that we may have the grace to accept Jesus as truly our Lord and
God. We pray that, as we accept him as Lord, we may experience in our lives his compassion and love. We pray that we may be moresensitive to Jesus as truly gentle and humble of heart as Jesus seeks us out and journeys with us all the way.

     Our Gospel reading ends with Jesus encouraging us to take his yoke upon ourselves. May we take Jesus' yoke everyday of our lives for as Jesus promises, "My yoke is good and my burden light."

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