Sunday, July 2, 2017

Newly Elected Provincials arriving for the Meeting!!!!

     Today's Gospel reading is centered on doing little things for people out of love for God. Many people wait a lifetime to do something great, overlooking what they could have accomplished by countless small deeds done in self­ sacrifice and love. The size of a loving deed is not what matters: it is measured by the motive and the sacrifice which accompanied it.

 A poet has written, "It was only a cup of water with a gentle grace bestowed, but it cheered the lonely traveler upon life's dusty road. None noticed the cup of water as a beautiful act of love, save the angels keeping the records away in the land above. The trifles in secret given, the prayer in the quiet night, and the little unnoticed things are great in our Savior's sight."

This poem suggests that any small kindness done in the name of Christ will never ever go unrewarded. If all you can give is a cup of water, make sure it is given with love and sacrifice. Whatever you do in Christ's name, taking no credit for yourself, is sure to be a blessing to some needy soul, and noticed by God.

 God notices every good deed we do or do not do as if he were the one receiving it. Although no one may see you, God knows. Remember that Christ came and gave us the gift of himself that has become a refreshing spring for our inner selves. Out of this fountain we can draw what is needed to refresh others.

The Scriptures say that love can be seen and touched. Love may be the Good Samaritan's care for the injured traveler or a cup of cold water given in Christ's name. The reward is in keeping not with the greatness or smallness of the act performed or favor given but by its motive, in the name of Jesus. Real love is action, as John says, "Let it not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth." In life's journey, when we meet someone in need, let us offer whatever help we can give. You may give without loving, but you cannot love without giving. Be a helper to those in need of help.

The mission Jesus has given us from the Father is to reveal the brightness, the wonder and the goodness of Christ's glory by manifesting his character and
love to all the world. In heaven we will get as much of God as we can hold.

Our capacity to receive God is ruled by the exchange of this world for the next. If we are filled with this world, then there is no room for the next. But if we have emptied ourselves of this world, then God can be our life and this determines how we will serve and enjoy him in eternal life.
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