Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Presentation of International solidarity - by Alejandro and Aklilu

 Franciscan solidarity is a broad reality. it includes responsibility for every person and respect for the integrity of all creation. This means solidarity among the brothers, fraternal collaboration, solidarity with the poor, announcing the Gospel, dialogue with the religious. following the example of St. Francis, who committed himself to a new world of redeemed relationships. Capuchin brotherhood overcomes ethnic, linguistic and national divisions. Therefore, it is our specific vocation...to live a model of solidarity among ourselves that ensures security for each brother and can also provide an example of solidarity for the world. 

 solidarity is mutual interdependence and fraternal communion that creates new ways of understanding and living our relationships as brothers. Through this spirit of communion it is possible to assure: the work of announcing the Gospel, missionary activity, formation, social works and responses to emergencies

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