Friday, July 7, 2017

Morning session by Br. Albert D'Souza

A religious council is composed of a few determinate members elected in the chapter or appointed by the competent superior to help in the governance of the institute at different levels. The council is obligatory according to the norm.....
 Role of convocation for consent or counsel...when the religious council is involved, whether for asking consent or advice, the superior must convene the council in accordance with Can 166:1
 The counsel or advice is not binding on superior. consulting the council members takes the form of a consultative vote which does not oblige the superior
 when it comes to advice one has to give advice which has to be honest and truthful devoid of partiality. This is moral and juridical obligation. The council members are held to secrecy.
 The superior has the obligation to present the necessary facts relating to the matter in question to the council members inasmuch as the council members have the right to be fully informed so that they can form a valid judgement.

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