Sunday, February 7, 2016

Visitation at St. Ann's end

 Yesterday i met the friars….there are about 21 friars. The friary also has old and sick friars. It was tough day in the sense of sitting continuously and listening. It was a pleasure to listen to our young and senior friars. Listening to their experiences of pastoral, fraternal and missionary was a learning process for me. To know their ups and downs was something which i would cherish always. Their success stories are fantastic and very inspiring. Some of them gone through difficult times and moments and have come out victorious. The friars’ spirit is so uplifting that one just wonders how the Lord motivates and guides Human beings to be his servants in all the season of the time.
Yesterday evening i conducted an holy hour for which was participated by all the friars. It was a nice prayer service and i gave a short message on the “foolishness of St. Francis”. The message was well accepted. 

At 8.30pm we gathered together for a house dialogue. I encouraged and congratulated all the friars for their collaboration and cooperation. The fraternity is big and the task of the guardian too. But all the friars do contribute a lot. There are areas where they need to pay attention in order to make fraternal bonds more stronger and lively. 

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