Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mercy Endures forever!!!!!

The Mercy of the Lord endures forever.....i have prayed and read in the Bible, Psalms and Gospels....i have reflected over it but never understood the deep meaning and its effect on human heart and mind. I have done this out of mere habit....without any sincere desire to experience and live this particular powerful sentence. It is come out from someone who has really experienced the Mercy of the Lord in moments of suffering and pain, in sinful situations. The Lord has shown that deep mercy with which the one who experienced it, has changed and reformed for eternity. It has must have been a grace for someone to have the mercy of the Lord and then it takes control of the person. The mercy rules the life and every activity of the person. The Mercy experienced by us will not lead us back to the same old situations but leads us to green pastures. It takes us beyond all that breaks and snaps our relationship with the Lord and others. It makes you feel within and out a new being and a new creature ready to accept the new light of the dawn of God......We are not the same persons but totally transformed ones.....we walk the same path but not with the same old spirit but new which makes us walk boldly and confidently, the steps are not slower but faster with determination. The journey is sweet and pleasurable, it is not filled with remorse and regrets, it is not dominated by evil thoughts and intentions but with holy desire to achieve an union and communion with the Lord, others and oneself.
I am working hard to experience these effects of the mercy. The Mercy of the Lord turns your heart and mind upside be what the Lord wants you to be,,,,,,
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